Paper Towel & Toilet Paper Rolls

Put in Garbage

Paper towel rolls can be recycled with cardboard.
Residents may recycle cardboard at the following locations:

Twelve Bridges Library
485 Twelve Bridges Drive 
Drop Off Area: Back Parking Lot
Map & Directions
(916) 434-2410

Joiner Park
Map & Directions
Drop Off Area: Main Parking Lot

Remember to break down cardboard to reduce wasted space in the recycling containers. If the container is full, please do not leave cardboard on the ground. If cardboard containers are full, city residents are asked to recycle cardboard at the Western Placer Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) at no cost.



Empty Rolls Only

Toilet paper and paper towels cannot be recycled. Make sure that only empty rolls are recycled with cardboard



Put a Recycling Bin in the Bathroom

Empty toilet paper rolls often never make it into the recycling bin because they get mixed with garbage. Make it easier to recycle these tubes by placing a small recycling bin in your bathroom/s.

Ways to Reduce

Buy Tube-Free Toilet Paper

Kimberly-Clark brand Scott is now selling tube-free toilet paper. If you join their campaign, Scott will send a coupon for this tube-free toilet paper.

Ways to Reuse


Tidy Up Electrical Cords

An empty toilet paper roll can help you store electrical cords. Just fold up the cord, stick it inside the tube and put it away.


Organize Hair Bands

Keep all your hair bands together by wrapping them around the empty cardboard tube.

Did You Know?

27,000 Trees a Day

It takes 27,000 trees every day to make the world’s toilet paper supply.
Americans buy over seven billion rolls of toilet paper each year.
The most popular designs for customized toilet paper are sudoku, money, camouflage  and glow in the dark.